Engagement Ring Styles

You have been with your significant other for quite some time.  You know her ins and outs and ups and downs.  You have met her parents and friends.  You believe that you know everything about her and you want to spend the rest of your life with her.  Before you can set up the how, where, and when to “pop the question,” you have to find the perfect ring.

When choosing an engagement ring, one of the first things that you need to decide upon is the setting upon which to put the diamond.  In order to do so, however, you have to really know the person for whom you are buying it.  You have to not only know her personality and lifestyle, but what type of jewelry she prefers, as well.


  • If your fiancée-to-be prefers traditional and/or elegant jewelry, then a diamond solitaire is your best bet. This is a loose diamond set on a plain metal band.  You can add accents or make it a three stone ring to represent the past, present, and future, but for this woman, less is more.
  • If you are proposing to a woman who is outgoing and likes the glamorous jewelry that is often seen on the red carpet, then you should look into purchasing a ring with either a pave setting or a halo setting. The pave setting is a ring where tiny diamonds are attached to the metal band and accentuate the bigger, centerpiece  In a halo setting engagement ring, a ring of smaller diamonds is placed around the centerpiece diamond.
  • If your wife to be is active and always on the go, your best bet is to consider placing a loose diamond in a bezel setting. The bezel setting consists of a thin metal band that hugs the diamond all the way around.  It is great for keeping a diamond protected.


In addition to the above, you also have to decide whether you want to incorporate a specific accent or finish into the ring.  This could be anything from additional stones, including birthstones, to engravings and metal fillings.  You should also decide how high you would like the stone to sit.  The higher up the stone is set, the more dramatic the look of the ring.


Once you have found the perfect setting, you then need to decide what metal should be used to create the ring of your love’s dreams.  There are a number of choices here as well.  There is gold which comes in yellow, white and rose.  It also comes in 14k which is the most popular, as well as 18k which is softer and a bit less expensive.  You can also choose to have the ring made out of platinum.  Though it is more expensive, it also lasts longer than gold.


In order to complete the creation of your custom engagement ring, you also have to select a loose diamond to be the centerpiece of the ring.  So make sure you also know about clarity, cut, carats and color so that you can be sure that you get the best diamond.


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