Make sure you only purchase GIA certified diamonds.

http://www.thediamondreserve.comWhen you’re making major purchasing decisions, don’t you like to know for certain that what you’re buying is what it says it is? This is the problem that a lot of people run into in China, for the country has a huge knock off market where cheaper versions of iPhones, computers, and various other technological devices are sold to unsuspecting consumers. It is best not to buy expensive electronics from China because you really don’t know what you are buying. When people make a major investment, they like to know that what they’re buying is going to last as well. When you purchase a home, you do so with the belief that everything in the home is working properly. It’s a total nightmare to move into a new house only to have the toilet overflow on your first night there.

There are many significant investments that people make, one being loose diamonds. People purchase loose diamonds in very large numbers, hoping to turn these beautiful stones into pieces of jewelry or to keep them in the hope that their value will increase over time. The problem with buying loose diamonds is that people often don’t know what they’re actually buying. They may believe that they are buying the highest quality loose diamonds available because that’s what the store tells them, but without the right credentials they may in fact be buying something that isn’t actually a diamond at all. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand the diamond industry all that well so they don’t even know that they should ask to see documentation that the stones they are buying are actually what they think they are.

This is where GIA certified diamonds come in handy. GIA, or the Gemological Institute of America, is a well thought of institution that grades diamonds based on how they look and where they come from. The diamond industry knows all about GIA certified diamonds, so every store that you buy loose diamonds from should have a grading report that comes from them. If they claim that they have never heard of such a thing or they don’t actually have a GIA report then you’re best off buying your loose diamonds from some place else. What a dealer that doesn’t have GIA certified diamonds is telling you is that they are not able to verify the quality of the stones that they are selling. Thus, what you are buying from them may not be what you think you are buying.

As was mentioned earlier, you should always make sure that when you’re making an investment like buying diamonds that you actually end up buying what you intended to buy. The only way to be sure that the diamonds you end up purchasing are the highest quality available is to see the report with your own eyes or to buy from a store that you know only sells high quality stones. In Denver, there are only a handful of such companies, one being The Diamond Reserve. They only offer the highest quality GIA certified diamonds, so be sure to visit them when the time comes for you to buy.


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